Summer Inspiration: Mint, Fruit, and Frozen Drinks

As of 11:50 AM tomorrow morning, I’ll officially be done with my junior year of college. I’ve been waiting for this day all semester to the point where I thought it would never come, but now that it’s here, I almost can’t believe it. Do I really get to relax soon? Do I really get to go back home and eat mom-cooked food? Do I really get to spend hours doing nothing but lounging in the sunshine?

The answer must be yes, because I already did the last one today! After my management exam, I headed over to the Buckingham Fountain again to plant my rear on a bench and stay there for an hour and a half, baking in the beautiful 80-degree weather.

I swear, every single time I come here... (Personal photo.)

I swear, every single time I come here… (Personal photo.)

At some point I moved to the Bean, stopping to pick up a Strawberry Poppyseed & Chicken Salad from Panera, because that salad is one of my absolute favorite things about summer. (If you’ve never had it, you’re missing out; just look at this glorious deliciousness.)

Once I was done eating, I stayed there for another hour or so, just people-watching. It seemed like the entire city was outside, enjoying the sun and warmth—even sleeping in the middle of the park!—and the excitement was honestly contagious. Hopefully, this is the true start of summer and we don’t get another cold spell like we did this past weekend! I don’t know about you, but I’ve never been more ready for summer.

Especially since there are so many fun wedding trends to look forward to!

For those of you with weddings to attend this season, here’s are three trends you may see. There are plenty more (such as Gatsby-themed weddings), but these are my three favorites!


(bridesmaid dresses | cake | shoes)


Fruit-Flavored Cakes
(mango cake | raspberry-lemon cake | berry cake)


Frozen Drinks
(wine smoothies | frozen lemonade with rum | grown-up snow cones)

What’s your favorite wedding trend that you’ve seen lately? Are you planning to include it in your wedding, or do you know someone who did so or is going to this year?




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