30 by 30

Considering that I’m barely in my twenties, 30 seems like a long time from now! But there’s a lot I want to accomplish by then. Nine years may seem like a long time for meeting all of these goals… but if that’s the case and I somehow miraculously finish them all before then, then I’ll just make new ones! I have a feeling I’ll need as much time as I can get, though…

  1. Do the Disney College Program.
  2. Complete a Disney Internship.
  3. Get a job (consultant, wedding planner, bridal buyer, or social media manager).
  4. Move to California.
  5. Pay off student loans.
  6. Start a ROTH IRA.
  7. Adopt a shelter/rescue dog.
  8. Have a spa day with my mom.
  9. Run one timed race a year (for a total of 10; I already have one under my belt!).
  10. Write a novel.
  11. Update my blog regularly – which means at least one post per week, with no hiatuses!
  12. Go on a western road trip with friends.
  13. Learn a martial art or other form of self-defense.
  14. Bake a huge, fancy decorated cake… and make it Paleo!
  15. Start up my baby dinosaur plush business.
  16. Grow my hair to mid-back length.
  17. Go on a graveyard ghost tour in Gettysburg.
  18. Host a Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner.
  19. Travel to Europe.
  20. Travel to Australia and/or New Zealand.
  21. Get married.
  22. Pay for a stranger’s coffee.
  23. Buy a house.
  24. Cook through an entire cookbook.
  25. Travel to Hawaii (preferably for the honeymoon!).
  26. See the Grand Canyon.
  27. Go hiking in the Rocky Mountain National Park or Yellowstone.
  28. Donate blood three times.
  29. Cook a gourmet Paleo meal.
  30. Swim with a whale shark. (As of August 2013, I’ve seen them in person… now, just to swim with them!)

So there it is! 30 things, and nine years to finish them. (I’m particularly excited for #30 – it’s been a dream of mine since I was a little kid playing Zoo Tycoon.)

I’ll be updating this list as well as my blog whenever I manage to accomplish one of my goals. And once I turn 30… well, we’ll see how well I did!




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