My name is Nina Lynn. I’m currently a Senior at Columbia College Chicago, where I’m majoring with a B.A. in Fashion Business and plan to graduate in May 2014. Presently, I’m interning at a privately-owned bridal boutique. Throughout this internship, I have gained an incredible amount of experience in the wedding industry, ranging from consulting to managing a shipping office to attending expos as a buyer. I hope to continue working in the wedding industry for the rest of my professional career, particularly as a wedding planner, buyer, consultant, or an editorial journalist/social media manager.

Casablanca 2056. Personal photo.

Casablanca 2056. Personal photo.

Outside of school and work, I’m involved in a variety of creative hobbies, including writing, sewing, crafting, baking, running, and costume design. A selection of my costuming work is displayed on my portfolio site. (While I am not currently pursuing a career in costuming, I would be eager to hear of opportunities to do so if any arose!)



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