Your Consultant Is Back!

Things look a bit different around here, don’t they?

I’m so happy to announce that I’m officially back from my summer hiatus (which wasn’t really voluntary—as I mentioned in this post I was pretty overwhelmed by work and some unexpected health issues). But now that the new semester has started and I’m doing better in terms of health, I’m finally ready to return to blogging!

And to celebrate that return, I figured I would take the opportunity to redesign Consulting With Tulle. This involves a new logo, new layout, and a sparkly new domain name!

(This is baby’s first domain name. I’m extremely excited about it.)

Now that I’m back, I’ll be resuming my normal posting schedule: discussing trends, talking about some of the highlights from working at the boutique this summer, sharing inspiration boards, and of course covering fall National Bridal Market, which is coming up in less than two weeks! As always, if you have requests for an inspiration board or want advice for your own planning process, please don’t hesitate to contact me!

Thank you all for your patience! I’m thrilled to be back, and I can’t wait to get back to blogging!



Introductions: The Girl Behind the Tulle

As I’m sitting here in Panera Bread, spending my final underage day sipping a quite non-alcoholic chai latte, I can’t help but think that my world is going to turn upside-down in a matter of nine hours. Will I wake up tomorrow feeling like a responsible adult? Will I suddenly be motivated to pursue my dreams with a renewed sense of vigor? Or will I just have an immediate, irreversible craving for alcohol?

I know I’m being silly, and more likely than not, I’m going to wake up feeling the same (with perhaps a little more enthusiasm to greet the day than usual). I’ll go to class in the morning, spend the afternoon doing homework in the library, then possibly go out to the tavern next door to our apartment with my best friend for a celebratory drink. Other than that, nothing will be different, with the exception of my new-found ability to order any fancy drink I want when I’m at a restaurant.

But before that happens, I wanted to take the time to introduce myself and my life so far. (All photos are personal.)

So what’s there to know about me? My name is Nina. I grew up in southeast Michigan, and even though I’ve been living in downtown Chicago for the past three years while attending school, I still call Michigan home. And I think that will be true even if I end up moving across the country!

One of the hardest things about living in Chicago is being away from my family. I have a mom, a dad, a younger brother (who’s going to be graduating high school in a few months), and a trusty border collie named Trek. My mom and I are extremely close; we’re no Lorelai and Rory, but we’d like to think we could give them a run for their money. I miss her more than anything else while I’m at school, and she’ll always be the most important person in my life.

We're both avid Harry Potter fans, and in 2011, we finally went to visit the Wizarding World in Orlando!

Though we don’t get to do it often, our favorite vacations are mother-daughter trips to Florida. (In 2011 we finally got to visit the Wizarding World – we’re both avid Harry Potter fans!)

In Chicago, I live with my best friend, Courtney. We recently rented our first “grown-up” apartment this past December. It’s right on Michigan Avenue, and it’s one of the few things I actually enjoy about living in this city. Not to mention, living with my best friend makes it possible to tolerate the awful weather that we have for 70% of the year.

Ahh, nothing like a fresh new apartment.

Ah, nothing like a fresh new apartment.

I’m a writer, a self-proclaimed health freak, a Caribou Coffee junkie, and a corgi addict. I care far too much about television shows, movies, books, and fictional characters in general. I’m also one of those feminists who greatly enjoys being domestic, especially when it comes to baking and sewing. As much as I hate cold winter weather, I love skiing, but I’m also an avid runner, swimmer, and weight-lifter.

This past October, I ran my first half-marathon with a couple friends in the Chicago Monster Dash!

This past October, I ran my first half-marathon with a couple of friends in the Chicago Monster Dash!

My obsession with weddings has been a major factor in my life since I was a little girl. I didn’t always want to work in bridal (like any kid, I went through the phases of veterinarian, marine biologist, movie director, and so on), but now that I’ve finally begun working in the industry, it’s really a dream come true. Which is why I’m so excited about starting this blog!

I love getting to play dress-up at work. This is Casablanca 2056 - definitely a contender for The Dress!

I love getting to play dress-up at work. This is Casablanca 2056 – definitely a contender for The Dress!

I’ve always been a writer, even from a young age, and I’ve had plenty of online journals throughout my life. However, I’ve never really taken it seriously and most of those journals were just used for social networking purposes. And now that I’m on the brink of true adulthood, I figured it’s about time I had a blog that I can use to help myself grow as a person. It’s already inspired me – hopefully it will inspire you, too!


Introductions: Meet Your Consultant

I’m going to be completely honest: I’ve delayed writing this post for the past two weeks, and it’s taken me around an hour of staring blankly at my computer screen to actually start typing something. This hasn’t been due to a lack of inspiration (trust me, I’ve come up with at least a dozen ways of writing this post). Rather, it’s because none of those ideas have been right. None of them felt like they would be the perfect way to introduce myself and this blog.

And that, I guess, is a better introduction to who I am than any generic biography I could spit out.

Right now, I’m at a point in my life where it feels like everything I do is going to have some sort of critical impact on my future – whether it’s what classes I choose to take, what professional contacts I have, or what cereal I buy at the grocery store. I’ll be turning 21 on Tuesday, which is just four days away, and it’s hard not to think that I’m reaching the Point of No Return.

From here on out, there’s no more being indecisive about my future, no more fooling around when it comes to jobs, no more procrastinating until the “right time.” I will officially be An Adult™, and every waking moment will be spent suffering under the pressures of my new-found responsibilities, as well as the past choices I’ve made that can never, ever be altered.

At least, that’s what I’ve been told. But I know that it couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Yes, I’m at a stage in my life when I do need to consider my future. It’s good to have a plan and work towards it, but it’s also important to realize that this plan can and will change. Let’s face it: nothing is certain, and realistically, the plans I have for my future are going to keep evolving on an almost daily basis. Who knows – this blog may not even be relevant to my life a year from now, as my career could go in an entirely different direction.

For the time being, though, I’m pursuing my current dream: being a wedding consultant.

Specifically a Disney wedding consultant, but we'll get into that later. (Photo via BridalGuide.)

Specifically a Disney wedding consultant, but we’ll get into that later. (Photo via BridalGuide.)

Weddings are something that I’ve always been passionate about, and with my knack for design and organization, it feels like the perfect career for me. I’ve been working in bridal for a year already, and it’s been an incredible experience with that sense of rightness I searched for when writing this post. So, as of now, that’s my goal!

This blog will follow my journey as I chase this dream, as well as my adventures in so-called “adulthood.” What’s in it for you? Inspiration, wedding and bridal design tips, and an inside look at the wedding industry as I find my way through it! (There will probably be food, too. Lots of food.)

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope to see you again soon!